Terms of Use
Terms of Use

The use, sale and shipping of products in any of the sites FAMSA (FAMSA.com, FAMSA-usa.com and FAMSA.com.mx) are governed by the terms and conditions specified in this document, and also are regulated any indication, political, status or condition of sale that information appears on the “Payments” or section of product characteristics or Details Purchase.

FAMSA reserves the right to change and update our policies at any time without notice to the user or visitor to the site.

It is your responsibility to read and be subject to any changes in these policies. Continued use or the first time Famsa sites, means that they have accepted the terms and conditions.
Emphasizes that the conditions and terms of purchase and sale of any other requirement Famsa elsewhere, in addition to this, and its branches, may vary. It is up to you also read, understand, and adhere to policies which receive the service.

Terms and Vocabulary

By using this site and all pages Famsa, remember the following understanding:

  • The terms “User” refers to any person access, browse, register or try and make a purchase in the pages of Famsa, through its website, and through other pages through advertising or other means not specified. The user can make continuous visits or the first time.
  • “Famsa” refers to all sites linked Famsa officially GRUPO FAMSA like Famsa.com, FAMSA-usa.com and famsa.com.mx, and any other material that may arise in the future.
  • “Services” refers to any or all services related to FAMSA-usa.com, including the filing of accounts, a newsletter subscription, and other public services in the shop, or not available through the Internet or branches Famsa.
  • “Content” refers to any piece of information, text, images, audio Famsa published on the Internet.

Restrictions use

As a user you can access and view content that appears on this site solely for your personal use but not for non-commercial use. There is content on this page you can play, and save for their personal use under the following restrictions: Do not play or hold trademarks used in the content, modify or alter any portion of the content, or making it available to a third party. All content and intellectual property rights of this page are owned by Famsa.

By accessing the content of Famsa, through this Website, accessed uses strictly legal, so it is restricted to usurp the identity of a user without their express permission, forcing the site or access code, or make any fraudulent activities, using the image content or parts of the site.

Property Rights

all logos, trademarks, trade names, and logos used on this site belong to their respective owners, including providers Famsa and partners. Therefore not permitted to use, reproduce, copy or handling of such marks or logos without the prior consent of the owner.

All images, formats, content, and text editors that are part of the content of this page are owned by Famsa. The use of the formats (frames) transmission, refuse any graphic content, either for sale, distribution or republication.

Share information with FAMSA

Through the chat, or email customer service or through our toll operators at no cost, you may want to provide suggestions, comments, ideas, data or material, including confidential information, or any creative materials, such as ideas for products or services or any original task. By doing this, you agree that FAMSA use this information at your convenience.

In addition, access to assume responsibility for the accuracy and legality of such restraint messages .Famsa obtain rights to use, modify, copy, publish, distribute and use content in different forms of messages or chat; to do without restriction and without giving any compensation.

Modifications on the Website

Under no circumstances, FAMSA ensures that content and information on this website is accurate and free from any error, omission, or inaccuracy in any time.

These errors, inaccuracies, or omissions may relate to the price, description, or availability of products. FAMSA reserves the right to correct any content, or change and update information without notice.

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