www.famsa.us Website Privacy Policy

www.famsa.us Website Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to www.famsa.us, and any other name referred to as FAMSA. In FAMSA, we are committed to respecting your privacy and protect any personal information you share with us.

This type of information comes from the time you enter the site until the time of placing an order. When a customer registers on our website or makes any order, personal data on your form of payment are added to our database. Stored information is used only to process our customer’s requirements. Under no circumstances, FAMSA will sell, share or modify this data. FAMSA regularly reviews and updates this policy. Please review this document periodically for changes.

Use of Information We may Collect

The personal information that we request when registering or placing an order helps us process your purchase order, and allows us to keep you informed of their status. Such information is never shared under any circumstances, nor is rented or sold to third parties, and is used exclusively to give you better service and for purposes that have been explicitly indicated. We may share information with FAMSA related businesses like FAMSA Group, to deliver customer products and services you requested, or promotional offers that may interest them.

FAMSA reserves the right to disclose your Personal Information as is required by law or court order. In addition to information collected voluntarily from our customers, FAMSA collects non-personal information from visitors to our page via your computer using cookies to collect information such as IP address, browser type, the domain name, and specific pages within the site through which access was made.

This type of information is widespread and helps us collect statistical information on trends and behavior of our visitors in order to make the necessary improvements to provide a better browsing experience.

This information also shows statistics on the volume and frequency of visits by users, which we use to measure the ratings of effectiveness and attractiveness of our site.

Updates, changes and loss of personal information

When you get an account on any FAMSA Website you will have access to edit, update or correct the information you provide through the icon “My Account” located on the top right. Any changes on your personal account will be processed as soon as possible.

Protecting children online

This site is designed for public consultation and information for all ages, but we do not allow minors to register products or services on our site. Every child age provided under any circumstances must obtain permission from their parents or guardians before providing any personal information over the Internet. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians constantly monitored to prevent their children accessing inappropriate material.

Internet Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored inside your computer automatically when you enter any web site, expediting your search. Cookies allow us to identify you and remember you, and that allows us to personalize your Internet experience. It also allows us to collect information on the purchasing behavior of our customers, particularly to provide better service. Also, it allows us to gather statistical information about navigation trends, types of browsers used, number of page views, etc.


The Internet still has ample opportunities for growth and development. Unfortunately, to date, it is impossible to guarantee that the information you voluntarily provide is transmitted on a totally secure manner. Because of this, all the information you choose to share with us, either to or from our Web sites is at your own risk and responsibility.

To enter and register at any of our online services, you accept and agree that in case of a violation of security of your personal information, we will notify you via email and we will not be responsible for the use.

It is vital that your key personal information, such as the number of your credit card and your password is kept in a safe place and not shared it with anyone. It is always important that you finish your session and close your browser when you finish shopping at FAMSA. This will prevent others from having access to make changes to your personal information and place orders under your name. This is a priority if you’re browsing on a public computer.

Changes in privacy policy

Any change in our privacy policy will be duly reported in the section for it, located on our website.

At FAMSA we are here to serve you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us through our website in the Contact Section. Your feedback is important to us.

Last update September 8, 2016